Andrew Walker and Jane Crosbie

Andrew and Jean

Family Tree
The Family Tree was produced by Alex. He also shows a very similar tree that he drew up from information on the Hogg Barnes Website but there are discrepancies. Alex's tree is the one on the left in blue and the one he derived from the Hogg Barnes tree is the one on the right in red.
Jane was also known as Jean or Jeannie. The Hogg Barnes tree on the web has her as Edith, though their tree has her as Jane.
Andrew was born in Dundonald in 1831 in Ayr to parents John Walker and Janet Allan. Jean Crosbie was born in 1834 in Glasgow to parents Gabriel Crosbie and Mary Thomson.
1851 Census
Aged 20, Andrew is living with a seamstress as a visitor. The civil parish is given as Paisley Middle Church in Renfrewshire and the address is High Street. His occupation is carpenter.
1861 Census
In 1861 Jane is living with her mother in Greenock East at 8 Baker Street. Her mother is a sick nurse. Jane has John aged 3 and Mary aged 1 with her.
1871 Census
By now he has married. His spouse is named as Janes (presumably a transcription error.) His birthplace is given as Troon which is about 4 miles from Dundonald. The address is Greenock, 17 Regent St Back Land and he is a Ship Carpenter.
Death of Jean
I have noted that Jean died in 1874 aged 40. I am not quite sure now whether that came from Alex or somewhere else.
1881 Census
His birthplace is given as Troon. He is living in Greenock Middle at 26 Lynedoch St and he is a shipwright. Living with him are Annie 25, John 23, Janet 19 and Andrew 13
After 1881
There is a possible record for him in 1901. The birthplace is given as Dundonald and he is the right age. His occupation is publican and the address is Sandgate Golf Inn Hotel. He is 70 and his wife, Agnes is 62.


Annie b 1856
Annie was born in Renfrew in 1856. In 1881 she is living with her father and she is a dressmaker. In 1901 there is an Annie Walker living in Edinburgh as a boarder. Her birthplace is given as Greenock, but there is now occupation and so it is difficult to know if this is her. In fact there are other Walkers boarding here which makes me wonder now if this is a record for a married Annie Walker.
John b 1857
John was born in Glasgow. In 1881 he is with his father in Greenock and he is a railway clerk aged 24. Alex believes that he married and had children called Irene and Margery.
Mary b 1859
Mary was born in Greenock. She married Alexander Cameron in 1843.
Janet b 1862
Janet Allan Walker was born in Greenock in 1862. She married William MacVicar and in 1891 they are living in Greenock West at 81 Roxburgh Street. William is a slater. In 1901 they are in Kelvin in Glasgow at 869 City Road. They have William Cameron aged 9, who was not able to go to South Africa with the rest of his family, living with them. Their own children were William, Mary and Jane.
Jean b 1866
Jean Crosbie Walker was born in Greenock in 1866. In 1881 she is living with her grandmother Mary Crosbie in Rothesay in Bute and is a shop girl. She married James Gibson but I am unsure what evidence I have for that.
Andrew b 1867
Andrew was born in Greenock in 1867. In 1891 he was an insurance collector staying with his sister Janet MacVicar. He married Edith Mason and they had a son, Andrew.