The Estate of Netherwood in Cumbernauld

Netherwood In Papers

The right Netherwood
The right Netherwood is the one near Cumbernauld, in Dumbartonshire.
There are several notices For Sale and To Let in respect of the whole estate and parts of it. These are pictured above. The notice on 30 Sep 1844 is a little difficult to read so I have transcribed it on the right.
Lease from 1845
The Notice for Sale of October 1849 states that the farm is under lease to an industrious tenant for 19 years from Martinmas, 1845. So it would have expired around the 11 November 1864.
The Camerons at Netherwood
The Family Bible does not state where Daniel and Christina were living when they married in 1843 but their first daughter (Christina) was born on 1st May 1844 at Netherwood. The last child born at Netherwood (Helen) was born on 2 July 1863. Their last child, William was born in Sep 1865 at Overton. The addresses on the census in 1851 and 1861 were Low Hirst and Hirst Joiner House respectively.
Bankruptcy in 1862
In 1862 there appear several articles relating to the bankruptcy of Robert Calder and his son (also Robert) who were lime merchants at Netherwood, near Cumbernauld.
Netherwood now
A search of Google maps shows Netherwood Way, Netherwood Road and Netherwood Avenue all lying between the M80 and Broadwood Loch, but these do not mark the site of the estate. Netherwood Farm is located in postcode FK4 2HW and if you look this up on Google Earth, it is pointing right into the middle of the farmyard. The land extended to both sides of the Wyndford Road which runs from Wardpark to Coney Park. Most of the farm lay to the west of the Wyndford Road and contained limestone and freestone quarries, an foundry and a coalmine. The quarry was filled in in the 60's, its spoils having been used for the A80. The limekilns are long gone, though the cut to them off the Forth and Clyde Canal remain. (Thanks to Jonathan Hutt)

Transcription of Notice 30 Sep 1844

Within the Old Signet Hall, Royal Exchange, Edinburgh on Wednesday the 6th day of November next 1844 at two o'clock afternoon,
The ESTATE of Netherwood, lying close to and at the west of the Castlecary Station of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway which traverses the Estate for about a mile and a quarter.
This Estate, distant by railway about seven miles from Falkirk, and about fourteen miles from Glasgow, and distant about twelve miles from Stirling, is beautifully situate, is laid out with great taste and is in a state of high cultivation and has recently been very much improved by furrow-draining &c. It consists of about 340 imperial acres of which about 57 acres are plantations, mostly of full growth, and contains valuable Lime Mines and Freestone Quarry, which are let to substantial tenants, and wrought partly for the Glasgow market, with which there is easy communication, and great facility for sending minerals and obtaining supplies of manure, by means either of the Railway or of the Forth and Clyde Canal, a branch from which, on the north boundary of the property is carried up to the Lime-kilns of the Estate.
There is a good Farm House and extensive Steading, with various other Buildings and newly erected Cottages for servants.

The Estate is valuable for feuing for Villas, and contains several eligible situations for a Manor House, surrounded with well-grown wood.

Apply for further information to Messrs W.A.G & R Ellis W.S 4, Royal Terrace,Edinburgh.