John Walker and Janet Allan

John and Janet

John Walker was born in Paisley in Renfrewshire in 1779 to parents Robert Walker and Eleanora Cockburn. Janet Allan was the daughter of William Allan and Mary Barr. She was born in Loan, Dundonald in Ayrshire in 1791
John Walker and Janet Allan married in 14 June 1814 in Dundonald, Ayrshire
1841 Census
In 1841 Janet and John are living in Dundonald at Portland St Youngsland. John's occupation is given as Measure (Transcription error?) They have Robert 25, John 22, Mary 20, Allan 18 and Andrew 10 all living with them.
1851 Census
In 1851 Janet and John are living in Portland Street, Dundonald, Troon. John's occupation is farmer. Their daughter Mary Brown,29, is living with them. She is a straw bonnet maker. They also have a lodger who is a Free Church School Master.
Death of John
John died on 12 Jun 1859 (source Hogg Barnes)
1861 Census
Janet is living at 4 West Portland Street in Dundonald with her daughter Mary Brown aged 38 and grand daughter Janet Brown aged 13.
Janet appears in the census, living with just her daughter Mary Brown. They are at Wyllice Land West Portland Street. I have then recorded her death as on 4 April 1871.
While some information comes from census transcriptions on most of the facts on this page have been picked up from the Hogg Barnes Web Site
Letter to Editor in respect of Allan Walker
The Hogg Barnes Family tree quotes the following Letter to the Editor Re: Mr Allan Walker and Son, Mr Daniel N Walker from the Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland paper July 22, 1922:

After leaving Troon, Allan Walker took up missionary work in for the Free Church in Glasgow. While in Troon, he was an Elder in the Troon Parish Church, and superintendent of the Sunday School, and was much esteemed for the good work he carried on. He was also one of the pioneers of (inter-faith Protestant(?) co-operation in Troon. The outcome stemmed from a meeting held in the Academy School on the evening of May 20, 1864 with John Montgomery presiding. Allan Walker was also one of the pioneers of the Troon Temprance movement called, "Good Templary" by helping to form a lodge of the order on March 10, 1870. He was the first President and was well respected. When he was younger, he was one of the workers who built the Old Free Church on Portland Street, Troon. He was educated in Troon, and as a teacher, worked for Samuel Clark. Previous addresses: He conducted Sunday School from his home on Welbeck Crescent, Troon, Scotland. The children loved it when he sang a Temperence song: "For we're a' sae weel-tae-dae noo, k'ye see A' things gae richt that we try; Since we've gi'en up the drappie, There's nane are sae happy As my bonnie wee wife and I"


Robert lived from 1815 to 1889. He married a Candian - Isabel Lander or Lauder but their children seem to have been born in Scotland.
James was born in Symington, Ayr, in 1817.
John was born in Ayr in 1819. He died in Goderich in Ontario in Sep 1907. He married Elizabeth Angus in 1851 and they had children Mary Ann(1851-1881) Janet Allan (1854-1943) Elizabeth Angus(1857-1925) Robert Francis (1859-1930) John Andrew (1861-1936) Eleanor Cockburn (1865-1950) and Hugh Wilson (1867-1944)
Mary was born in 1822 in West Kilbridge, Ayrshire. She married a Mr Brown in 1847 but in 1851 she is living with her parents. Then in 1861 and 1871 with her mother. She was a straw bonnet maker. She had a child, Janet, who was born in about 1848. Hogg Barnes has George living until 1891 and puts the date of Mary's death at around 1900
Allan - see also the letter bottom left of the page
Allan was born in 1823 in Dundonald. Hogg Barnes states that he married Helen Neil in 1846. There are 3 census records for an Allan Walker married to a Helen N Walker. This Allan was born in Dundonald and in 1861 and 1871 they are living in Troon with several children. His occupation is stone mason. In 1891 this Allan and Helen Walker are living in Glasgow and he is a Colporteur. The Hogg Barnes tree states that he died at 33 Naburn Street in Hutchesontown, Glasgow on 25 Aug 1891.
Francis was born in Dundonald in 1825. He married Elizabeth Ramsay in 1851. They lived in Troon and do not appear to have had any children. Francis was a shoemaker and by 1871 he was employing two men. In 1901 he is a retired bootmaker, living with Elizabeth in 21 West Portland Street, Troon. They are 75 and 72 respectively.
Children who died
Alexander was born in 1827 and died a year later. The next son, was also named Alexander but he died within a year in 1829. Thomas was born in 1833 and died in 1834.
Andrew was born in Dundonald in 1831. He married twice, once to Jane Crosbie and secondly to Agnes Dickson.
Matthew was born in 1837. In 1841 you would expect that he would be living with his parents but this is not the case. There is a set of census records for a Matthew Walker from Ayr but this seems to be a different family.