Daniel Cameron 1816-1880 and Christina Grindlay 1822-1895

Main Events

Daniel Cameron was born in 1816 in Kilsyth in Stirlingshire. His parents were Alexander Cameron and Elizabeth Boag.
Christina Grindlay was born in Falkirk in Stirling in about 1822. We do not know the names of her parents.
A copy survives of the page of the Family Bible on which is recorded the details of the marriage and the births of all their children. From this we know that they married on 21 July 1843. In all they had 11 children.
Daniel was a joiner according to the 1851 and 1861 Scottish Census transcriptions on Ancestry.com.
According to the Family Bible all of the children of Daniel and Christina were born at Netherwood, apart from William. Christina was the first child and she was born in 1844. Helen, the last child born at Netherwood was born in 1863. William was born at Overton in 1865. There are separate pages for Elizabeth, Ann, John and Alexander. Then one page for the other children.


1851 and 1861
The addresses were Low Hirst and Hirst Joiner House respectively. These must have been worker's cottages on the Netherwood Estate. Daniel was a joiner.
I could not find a census return for Daniel or Christina in 1871.
Death of Daniel and 1881 Census
I have recorded the date of death for Daniel as 13 May 1880, but have not recorded the evidence for this. However the 1881 census shows Christina as the Head of the household with no husband. Christina is now living at No 4 Oliver Row in Denny in Stirlingshire. Her occupation is Housekeeper and she is living with Maggie Cameron age 27, John Cameron age 23, William Cameron age 15, Isabella C Walker age 2, Mary Cameron age 21, Daniel Anderson age 3 and Daniel Cameron age 1.
In 1891 Christina describes herself as a Formerly Dom Serv General. She is still in 4 Oliver Row in Denny in Stirlingshire. This time she is living with Helen Cameron age 28 and her son, Daniel age 11. There is also a George Aitken, age 27 living with them.
Death of Christina
This has been recorded as occurring in 1895, when she was 73.