Elizabeth Cameron married Malcolm Stark Warden

Elizabeth and Malcolm

Elizabeth Cameron was born at Netherwood in 1845, the second daughter of Daniel Cameron and Christina Grindlay
On 31 Dec 1867 she married Malcolm Stark Warden. Malcolm was a Grocer
Census Records
In 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 they were living in Main Street, Cumbernauld. Malcolm is consistently described as a merchant or grocer.
Cumbernauld Village
There is a pretty nice website at the link Cumbernauld Village which has a few old photos including a couple of Main Street c1900. One is shown above but the boy is not any relation.
Death of Elizabeth
Elizabeth died on 3 Feb 1914. She was buried in Cumbernauld Village Cemetery, situated off Baronhill, Cumbernauld Village along with several members of the Warden family. The index can be seen at In Memoriam Record
Death of Malcolm
Malcolm died on 23 November 1922, aged 77. He is also buried in Cumbernauld Village Cemetery.
Children who died in infancy
Christina Cameron Warden was born in 1868. She must have died before 1879 as another daughter was born then and given the same name. Daniel was born in 1874 and died in 1879 (Source IGI Family Search website via Alex.)


Elizabeth Isabella Warden was born in 1883 and we have no records for her after 1901 at which point she was living with her parents and was a dressmaker. It is possible that she lived in America as a cousin, Kay, that Alex knows said that Malcolm McLelland used to keep an eye on Aunt Bess.
Jesse (or Janet)
Jesse (or Janet) Stark Warden was born on 10 Oct 1870. She, too is living with her parents in 1891, aged 21. Sometime between then and 1920 she married Robert McLelland and they moved to San Francisco. She appears in the 1920 and 1940 US Federal Census records. She died in San Francisco in 1957.
James William
James William Warden was born in 1873. In 1901 he is with his parents and his occupation is as a Commerical Traveller (tea.) He was married to Agnes Arthur Hogg (1876-1935) and he died in 1934 (source Alex.)
Christina Cameron Warden was born in 1879. She was living with her parents in 1901 aged 12. She married William Bell and had a son. There is a record of an arrival in Canada of Christina Cameron Bell in the early 1920s but her son, William (Billie) Warden Bell(1923-2009) was a solicitor in Paisley.
Mary Stark Warden was born in 1881. In 1901 she is with her parents and gave her occupation as Grocer's daughter. There is a record of her arriving in Quebec and crossing from Canada to the US. She died in 1960 and the 1961 probate record reads: Warden Mary Stark of 27 Muir Street Motherwell died 29 December 1960 Confirmation of William Warden Bell solicitor. Sealed London 16 March.
Alexander Russell Warden was born in 1884. In 1901 he was living with his parents and was a clerk for a stationer. He died in December 1939 and is buried in Cumbernauld Village Cemetery.
Malcolm Stark Warden was born in 1887. There is a record of him arriving in Canada and he died in British Colombia in 1946. There is also a record for him in the list of Canadian Soldiers of the First World War.
Annie Anderson Warden was born in 1889. She married Alexander(Lexie) Henderson. The 1965 National Probate Calendar has the following entry: WARDEN or HENDERSON Annie Anderson of Davaar Alexandra Parade Kirn Argyll died 26 February 1965 at Kirn. Confirmation of Alexander Stark Henderson. Sealed London 4 May.