John Cameron and Jesse Adam

John and Jesse

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John Cameron was born on 1 Feb 1858 at Netherwood, Cumbernauld to Daniel Cameron and Christina Grindlay. Jessie Adam was born on 22 Jul 1861 at Dunipace in Stirling. She was the daughter of John Adam and Janet Patterson.
John Cameron married Jessie Adam on 17 April 1882 at Denny in County Stirling.
In 1881 John was living with his parents in Denny and was a joiner. The clan-cameron family tree records that he was a stonemason and builder in Sydney.
John and Jessie's first son, Daniel was born in April 1883 in Uitenage in South Africa. Their first daughter, Janet was born in Denny in Stirlingshire in March 1886 then all the other children were born in Australia. The clan-cameron website records that John sailed for Australia on 6 Jan 1886 on the Orient Liner Austral. Jessie set off later a few months later with Daniel and Janet. They departed Plymouth on the 29 Sep 1886 on the SS Aberdeen and arrived Sydney on 13 Nov 1886.
A google search for Orient Liner Austral returns quite a couple of interesting sites. Assuming they refer to the same ship: The Austral was launched in 1881/1882. I found Austral print at Amazon where you can expand the images even more. Unfortunately they have no stock. According to Norway-Heritage: Search for Austral under ships it was launched in Dec 1881 the capsized in Sydney Harbour in November 1882 with the loss of 4 lives. It was refloated and repaired in 1883 and then spent some time in 1884 travelling between Liverpool and New York for the Anchor Line. This sited does not mention the UK Australian route but says the ship was scrapped in Genoa in 1903.
John died in December 1931 in Penshurst, New South Wales. Jessie died in July 1936. They are both buried in Woronora.


Daniel Cameron was born 6 Apr 1883 in Uitenage, Cape Colony, South Africa. He married Margaret Faulds Jackson in Glasgow on March 1908. They had 5 children. Daniel died in 1941 in Gulong and is buried in Prospect in New South Wales. Margaret lived until 1960
Janet Paterson (Jen) Cameron was born in March 1886 in Denny in Stirlingshire and later that year travelled to Australia. She married Ernest Henry Edwards in Sydney in 1909 and died in 1970 in Beverley Hills in New South Wales. No children are recorded on the clan-cameron website.
Christina Grindlay Cameron was born in Balmain in January 1889 and died in July 1972 in Peakhurst. She married Duncan Taylor (who had been born in Glasgow) in Jun 1919 in Penshurst and they haad 2 children.
Mary Adam Cameron was born in Jan 1891 in Balmain. She married Harold Thornton Magnusson in Sep 1917 in Hurstville but they do not seem to have had any children. Harold died in 1934 and Mary lived until July 1976.
John Adam Cameron was born in Sep 1892 in Balmain in NSW. In 1922 he married Alice Annie Bonham in Hurstville and they had 3 sons and 1 daughter born between 1923 and 1938. Alice died in 1964 and is buried in Woronora NSW. John died in Sydney in 1970.
Alexander William (Adam)Cameron was born in 1896 in Balmain. In Sep 1918 he married Ruby Jane Swann in Hurstville and they had 3 daughters and 1 son. He died in October 1970, Ruby in 1982.
Elizabeth Cameron was born in Nov 1899 in Rozelle. In Dec 1925 in Hurstville she married George Frederick Westward Howard who had been born in Kalgoorie in WA. They had 4 daughters and 1 son. Elizabeth died in 1978, George in 1989.